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How to Recognize and Defeat the Top 5 Professional Fears

Many successful individuals assume they are the exception: “Fear? Who me? No way.” The truth is all of us would do well to understand, quickly recognize, and know how to defeat the top personal and professional fears with biblical wisdom.

This Quote Can Help You Find Your Calling

Having done an inventory of your giftedness (deep gladness) and the needs of the world that you have an enthusiasm to help meet (the world's deep hunger), now comes the step of connecting the two parts by envisioning how your gifts can meet needs in the world.

5 Signs God Is Closing a Door

While it's crucial to know when God is opening a door, allowing us to step into a new family role, church leadership position, or untapped adventure, it's just as important to know when God is closing a door.

What Is Self-Actualization and Is it Biblical?

“I’m just going to be myself.”“I’m being my own authentic self.”“I can’t help the way I feel.”“I’m following my heart.”“I can manifest my own destiny.”There comes a point when the idea of becoming authentically YOU is overrated. You’ve probably heard these comments come up in conversation when it comes to self-actualization. It’s become a popular concept in this generation in how we live, what decisions we make, and who we want to become. It’s definitely not a bad thing to want to better yourself but it depends on the foundation. Most of the time self-actualization tends to be situational and relies on how we feel or whatever we think.Self-actualization is often packaged with reaching your full potential and there are so many people out there waiting to take advantage of it. Whether it’s a pyramid scheme that targets stay-at-home moms to sell oils, vitamins, or makeup, or self-help books teaching you how to manifest wealth, health, or self-esteem, it’s based on sending positive energy into the universe.
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4 Prayers for Those Who Are Job Hunting

As you can tell from the title, this is an article about prayers for those hunting for a job. Before I get to the prayers, I need to establish some points so the prayers below will make more sense.First, hunting for a job can be both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. Typically, what I have found is that people hunting for a job will usually fall into one of four categories. Each of these different categories brings with it a different set of emotions, because they represent different stages or situations of your life. Let me give you my definition of these categories.Photo credit: Unsplash/Saulo Mohana

8 Biblical Reasons Every Job Is an Important Ministry

Have you ever considered that Jesus modeled work-life ministry? It is easy to forget that Jesus spent more than 50 percent of His adult life in a carpentry shop. He was more known for being a carpenter than He was for being the Son of God.Perhaps that is why so many people had difficulty reconciling Jesus, the carpenter, with Jesus the Son of God who did miracles in the workplace. Jesus didn’t separate the work he did with his hands or head from the work he did with his heart.His job was his ministry. And your job is, too. Here are 3 reasons we can see our work life as integral to our faith life:Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/Daniel Mccullough

How to Pray for Difficult Relationships at Work

But if we step back and consider that this difficult relationship at work involves another person with a soul, with their own walk of faith (whatever that is or isn't) and their own past of hurts and future of fears, they suddenly become very much alive, very real, and very human.

Read This Before Quitting Your Job

Are you feeling engaged or not engaged in your work? Are you thriving or burning out? The pandemic may have given you time and motivation to reevaluate your career and where you want to be in the future.

5 Prayers That Teachers Can Pray Over Their Classrooms

Help me to be a stable, reliable force in these children’s lives. I pray they will feel freedom to learn and grow within the comfort of the boundaries I set for them. And above all, I pray they will know the love of your Son Jesus through me

3 Reasons Success May Be Your Favorite Idol

Our culture tends to worship the winners. It idolizes wealth and fame. It places achievement and accomplishment above all else. You might not recognize this man-made god in your life, but here are three reasons why success may be your favorite idol.

Living out Christian Values in the Workplace

By living out Christian values at work, we not only experience personal growth and professional development, but we also become instruments of God's love, grace, and justice, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us and positively influencing the world for His glory.

6 Tips for Keeping Work at Work

Although work is a part of God's plan for us, it is important to keep work where it belongs—at work. When you come home, it is best to focus your time and energy on your family, friends, and on God. But with technology that comes home with us, it is tempting to answer emails and take phone calls when we are supposed to be at rest.

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