7 Job Loss Survival Tips

What are we to do with the time and the bills we find ourselves with while we sit jobless? I’ve got a few suggestions.

9 Essential Qualities of a Godly Leader

God has placed all of us in a position of leadership, if not in our workplaces or churches, then certainly in our homes as parents. Below are nine principles that are critical characteristics of a good, godly leader:

3 Ways to Take Criticism with Grace

We have all experienced times when a friend, co-worker, or relative offered harsh judgments. But there are also times when the words spoken, though hurtful at first, are exactly what we need to hear.

The Greatest Seat at the Holiday Table

The holiday season often ushers in feelings of loneliness and disconnection more than joyful belonging. So many of us look around the holiday table amid the glittering lights and silver garlands and only wish for a different seat at a different table.


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