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5 Fun Breakfasts for Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is very exciting not only for children but for people of all ages. Most people open Christmas gifts on Christmas morning, and that is their only tradition for the day. Maybe you could add in a few of your own unique traditions along with opening gifts. A great addition could be making a fun breakfast for everyone.Here are a few ideas to get you started, but feel free to come up with your own ideas too:Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/evgenyatamanenko

12 Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents

There is a secret that the most exemplary givers of gifts all share in common. They understand that a quality gift is not about the cost or the size of the present, but instead, it speaks directly to a deep desire within each human being to feel loved and known.

5 Advent and Christmas Podcasts You Need This Holiday Season

The Advent and the Christmas season holds particular anticipation and reverence for Christians. This is a time of reflection, anticipation, and thoughtful consideration. We often turn to devotionals or advent guides to help us reflect on the season, but have you considered podcasts? Whether you’re looking for devotionals to walk through with your family or to read on your own, consider adding a podcast or two to your daily or weekly devotional time this December.Going on a long flight, road trip, or vacation this holiday season? The awesome thing about podcasts is once you subscribe to a show, recent episodes get automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet so you can take them anywhere you go. Load up on these great Christmas podcasts and your trip is sure to be a good one!Making the season bright at home? Download and listen to these episodes while you trim the tree or make Christmas cookies! Our staff will tell you that chores like laundry and dishes are also made merrier when we put in our headphones and listen while we work!We’ve compiled some of our favorite Christmas and Advent podcasts for you to enjoy. Through scripture readings, reflections on the Nativity story, and discussions on the profound meaning behind Christmas traditions, these episodes offer a sanctified space where listeners can draw closer to the heart of their faith. The hosts' devotion and insightful explorations into the spiritual significance of Christmas infuse believers with renewed hope, faith, and a deeper understanding of God's love manifested through the birth of Jesus Christ.Image Credit: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

5 Ways to Have Joy When Christmas Is a Dark Time

We often look forward to the Christmas season as a joyful time. After all, it’s the time when we come together with family and friends to celebrate the greatest gift of all: Jesus, the world’s Savior. However, too often, Christmas can be a dark time that’s full of challenges. We may be struggling with stress and sadness in the middle of the festive Christmas atmosphere. The pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations, family conflicts, grief, stressful schedules, and financial hardships can all cast a dark shadow over the Christmas holiday season. Despite these challenges, we can still find joy during the Christmas season. That’s because joy is possible in any kind of circumstance. We don’t need to experience happy circumstances to enjoy Christmas, because joy is much greater than happiness. While happiness depends on positive circumstances, joy is an inner strength that comes from connecting with God’s presence. So, don’t let dark situations steal the joy God wants you to experience this Christmas.Here are five ways to have joy when Christmas is a dark time:Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/Tero Vesalainen

6 Prayers for Those Mourning This Holiday Season

As we wind down the year and the holidays approach us with all its glitz and glimmer, everyone just seems so holly and jolly. Unless you are the one cautiously walking into the holiday season with the heavy weight of grief and sorrow. All you may see through misty eyes are hues of memories that are muted and grey.Last year was the year of “firsts,” as my mom passed four days after Easter in 2022. Stepping into the holidays seemed anything but cheerful. I can still vividly remember going to the hardware store with my hubby. He practically begged me to tag along, and most likely, it was to get out of the house, so I “sorta” happily obliged.Unfortunately, I was taken by surprise the minute I stepped into that store, a place I thought could in no way, shape, or form remind me of my mom. Yet, there I was, quickly immersed in all things Christmas and surrounded by a bunch of cute, smiley snowmen with twinkling lights. I froze. I stood there and felt the heat wave of grief wash over me and the hot tears forming. The room started to spin, and all I could do was eventually get enough energy to put one foot in front of the other and step outside.Like many, my momma loved Christmas! She had a knack for making it so special and magical. Not only that, but she etched the love for cute snowman creatures as part of my décor since I was little. Which is funny since we live in a place that never sees snow. Between the two of us, we have a plethora of snowmen ranging in all shapes and sizes, from lonely snowman figurines to a family of snowmen that graced our dining room tables.Can you relate?Maybe you are wading through a season of grief this holiday. Perhaps you can’t seem to bring out the decorations or get in the “cheerful spirit.” Let me first say two words I often needed to hear last year when I couldn’t manage to take out my snowmen or tap into any merriment– It’s okay. It’s okay to give yourself time, to feel “all the feels,” and to not really get into the spirit of it all. It’s okay.Friend, if I could take your hand and tell you anything about mourning during the holiday season, it would be that this is going to be hard, really hard. But, there is so much comfort when we lean into a God that knows exactly how to comfort us. His promise to draw close and be near (Psalm 34:18) was (and still is) the only thing that brought me joy and continues to bring me joy as we step into another year without my beloved momma.So, as you find your bearings and do your best to muster enough energy to just get through the discomfort of each new and emerging day, here are some prayers to lean on, my precious friend.
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Will Kids Question Jesus if They Believe in Santa?

If a child walks away from the faith, it will not be because they believed in a man who wore a red suit and lived at the North Pole. It will be because they believe their sin is too great to forgive or because they're too rebellious in their ways. Both Jesus and Santa give us the gift of freedom. But Jesus had to give his life up for it.

Who Were the Magi in the Christmas Story?

The story of the Magi began centuries before Christ’s birth. Since the beginning of kingdoms, kings have sought advice from their advisors and prophets. Babylon, however, perfected a council of advisors. It included well-trained “magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and astrologers” (Daniel 2:2). This council became known as the Magi.

10 Creative Advent Calendar Ideas for a Joyful Family Countdown

Advent is an opportunity to focus our homes on Jesus as we countdown to the joyous Christmas day. It's a four-week invitation to pause, reflect, celebrate, and enjoy this season while remembering its glorious meaning. All ages can enjoy the Advent tradition. Let your creativity guide your home as you enjoy the holidays.Each week of Advent has a theme. In the first week, we light a purple candle for hope (or promise); in week two, we light a purple candle for preparation (or waiting or prophecy); in week three, we light a pink or purple candle for joy (or peace), and week four we light a purple or pink candle is for love (or adoration).We can take this tradition and modify it to work in our homes. Our prayers, crafts, discussions, and planned activities can be catered to meet the needs of our homes. Let the themes of each week guide you as you explore what God's Word tells us about who Jesus is and what his life and death accomplished for us all!Here are some creative Advent calendar ideas for your family's Christmas countdown:
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10 of the Most Famous Christmas Poems and Hymns

Discover 10 of the most famous Christmas Poems and Hymns in this collection, poems such as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and hymns like "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and "Silent Night." May these Christmas poems and hymns bring you great joy as you sing with family and friends or read them as a reminder of the gift of Jesus!

10 Steps to Enjoy the Holidays Without Regrets

Holidays with family can stir up all kinds of emotions. For some it’s a time of gift giving and thankful reflection. For others it means stressful family gatherings or a grievous reminder of loved ones lost.

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Stress

It’s proven that people are more stressed out at Christmas time than at any other time of the year. But not only is December supposed to be the happiest time of the year, it can also be your healthiest time of the year if you get rid of the stress that tends to overtake you.


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