4 Things Marriages Need to Thrive

There are a few key factors that contribute to a thriving, growing marriage. If we maintain our focus on these, then we’ll see the fruitful results in our relationships.

8 Signs Your Marriage Needs You to Be Less Busy

Whether it’s you or your spouse who needs to be less busy (and I’m guessing it’s both of you), we all could use ways to improve our marriage, family, and spiritual life which inevitably happens when we become less stressed. Here are 8 signs your marriage needs you to be less busy:.

10 Ways to Better Understand Your Husband

I’m sure you are aware of the ways you and your husband differ in your background and personalities. You may also have different ideas about how to spend your evenings, what kinds of movies you each prefer to watch, and what your ideas of an adventurous weekend would look like. But when you add to the mix their uniquely male qualities, it surely could be a case for your girlfriends that your husband is from a different world than you are.


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