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5 Advent and Christmas Podcasts You Need This Holiday Season

The Advent and the Christmas season holds particular anticipation and reverence for Christians. This is a time of reflection, anticipation, and thoughtful consideration. We often turn to devotionals or advent guides to help us reflect on the season, but have you considered podcasts? Whether you’re looking for devotionals to walk through with your family or to read on your own, consider adding a podcast or two to your daily or weekly devotional time this December.

Going on a long flight, road trip, or vacation this holiday season? The awesome thing about podcasts is once you subscribe to a show, recent episodes get automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet so you can take them anywhere you go. Load up on these great Christmas podcasts and your trip is sure to be a good one!

Making the season bright at home? Download and listen to these episodes while you trim the tree or make Christmas cookies! Our staff will tell you that chores like laundry and dishes are also made merrier when we put in our headphones and listen while we work!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Christmas and Advent podcasts for you to enjoy. Through scripture readings, reflections on the Nativity story, and discussions on the profound meaning behind Christmas traditions, these episodes offer a sanctified space where listeners can draw closer to the heart of their faith. The hosts' devotion and insightful explorations into the spiritual significance of Christmas infuse believers with renewed hope, faith, and a deeper understanding of God's love manifested through the birth of Jesus Christ.

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How to Listen to Podcasts

How to Listen to Podcasts

These podcasts serve as a beacon, guiding individuals through a journey of reflection, prayer, and a rekindling of their faith during this most sacred and joyous time of the year. We’re sharing our favorites below. If you like what you hear, be sure to:

1. Go to your favorite podcast app (Apple Podcasts or Spotify are the most popular for phones and tablets)

2. Search for the show you just listened to

3. Click the Subscribe button

When you do that, new episodes of that show download straight to your phone, so the next time you open Apple or Spotify, you’ll see your favorite shows ready to listen! 

Why Are Podcasts So Awesome?

Did we mention almost all podcasts are completely free? If you've never delved into the world of podcasts before, it's an incredible opportunity to discover a whole new realm of engaging and enriching content. Think of podcasts as personalized radio shows that cover a vast array of topics catering to almost every interest imaginable. For someone like you, who appreciates learning and exploring new things, podcasts offer a convenient way to access a wealth of knowledge, stories, and entertainment, all tailored to your preferences. They're accessible at any time, allowing you to listen while doing other activities like walking, cooking, or relaxing. Plus, the beauty of podcasts is their versatility; whether you're into history, storytelling, news, interviews, or even niche hobbies, there's a podcast out there just waiting to captivate your curiosity.

Okay, hopefully we’ve convinced you that podcasts are worth checking out. Now, here are some of our very favorite Christmas and Advent episodes of our favorite shows. Enjoy!

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1. How Can Celebrating Advent Enrich Your Family’s Christmas?

1. How Can Celebrating Advent Enrich Your Family’s Christmas?

Keeping Christ at the center of the Christmas season is always a challenge. The hectic pace of life intensifies during December, and often our focus shifts to the never-ending list of responsibilities and chores to complete before the big day. Catherine’s guest in this episode, Laurie Christine, has accumulated a wealth of devotional resources that will help enrich your Christmas season by celebrating Advent. Catherine and Laurie start by digging into the history of Advent, and then they highlight the great gift of celebrating God’s hope, peace, joy, and love in line with each candle lit. Laurie also offers devotional and book recommendations for all ages to participate in the wonderful celebration of Advent.

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2. Hope in God’s Word: Listen to <em>Abide</em>’s Christian Meditations for a Daily Advent Devotional!

2. Hope in God’s Word: Listen to Abide’s Christian Meditations for a Daily Advent Devotional!

In this season of waiting, believe that God's Word is true. There is hope. Meditate on Psalm 130:5 as you listen to this short Advent Bible devotional from Abide.

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3. How to Quiet Your Soul This Holiday Season

3. How to Quiet Your Soul This Holiday Season

Thessalonians 4:11 says, “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.” During the busy holiday season that is upon us, you may be wondering if a quiet and unrushed life is even possible. In this episode of Teach Us to Pray, host Christina Patterson shares with you three ways the practice of prayer can help you to slow down, focus on what's most important, and experience God's peace this season. Enjoy!

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4. Say No to A Stressful Christmas and Burnout, And Say Yes to God’s Peace

4. Say No to A Stressful Christmas and Burnout, And Say Yes to God’s Peace

Do you tend to focus on doing what everyone else wants to do for the holidays, but forget to consider it’s causing you burnout, busyness, and stress? In this episode of Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast, learn why it isn’t selfish to prioritize the things that bring you peace, joy, and beauty at Christmas. This is soul care created to draw you closer to God’s love.

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5. A Prayer for Christmas

5. A Prayer for Christmas

We know the true meaning of Christmas, and we are invited each year to take time and press into the joy and worship of our Savior. Today, let’s pray as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. 

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6. The Characters of Christmas

6. The Characters of Christmas

The Characters of Christmas is a podcast created to help you take a fresh look at the Christmas story by getting to know the minor characters that played a part in Jesus’ birth. It is the companion to Dan Darling's book "The Characters of Christmas: The Unlikely People Caught Up in the Story of Jesus." In this episode, Dan discusses the main character of Christmas: Christ himself.

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