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New Life Live! with Steve Arterburn

New Life Live! with Steve Arterburn

About New Life Live!

America’s #1 Christian Counseling Call-In Radio Program. Since 1985 New Life Live! has been broadcast as a nationally-syndicated, interactive talk radio program which deals with mental health, emotional, relational and spiritual issues from a biblical perspective.

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New Life Live: September 16, 2021
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Milan Yerkovich Caller Questions: - How do I know if I’ve forgiven my parents for the verbal and physical abuse that I endured all these years? - Since I have a bad tenant next door and my ex-boyfriend deceived me for the second time, how do I learn to function again? - How do I help my 12yo granddaughter in my full custody to stay safe when her mother takes her and spends the night with strange men? - What should I do after my counselor told me he can’t help my narcissistic wife but I should find a lawyer?

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