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Power Walk Ministries with Dr. Paul Cannings

Power Walk Ministries with Dr. Paul Cannings

About Power Walk Ministries

Power Walk Ministries challenges believers to leave their comfort zone and put their faith into action through leadership conferences, mission trips, and spiritual growth.
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Monday6:45AM - 7:00AM
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The Victory
When Life is Unbelievable - Part 5

Featured Offer from Power Walk Ministries

Disciples in the Making by Pastor Paul Cannings

This manual is a well-defined guide written by Dr. Paul Cannings on spiritual growth and discipleship. The manual sets forth a clear and precise meaning of what Jesus Christ intended for all Christians to model as it relates to true Christian discipleship for all believers who choose to sincerely follow God and Jesus Christ as a result of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It also provides a precise scriptural reference to guide a believer of Jesus Christ to biblical truth so that once the believer submits their lives to these principles, they can develop a life of faith in God. 


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