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Judith Glasse

Judith Glasse

Unveiled Christ Ministries was founded in 1965 by Rev. Neil Glasse.  He traveled extensively as an evangelist, primarily in the western states and in 1970 came to Oakland to pastor a local congregation.  Since 1965, UCM has been on continuous daily radio, on many radio stations here in the U.S and in many nations of the world through international shortwave.  The Unveiled Christ radio ministry has touched the lives of multiplied thousands over the years.  In 1997 Bro. Neil Glasse graduated to glory, and the ministry continues to be used of God as his wife, Rev. Judith Ann Glasse, and others carry on the mission of UCM.

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In 1968 Rev. Judith Glasse graduated from the University of California with a B.A. in English Literature. She received Christ in June 1973.  One month later she became Spirit-filled and heard the Unveiled Christ to the World Broadcast for the first time.  She attended her first service at the Latter Day Upper Room in Oakland, California, where Rev. Neil Glasse was pastoring.

January 1, 1980 Neil and Judith were married.  They worked together in the ministry, pastoring a local church in the SF Bay Area.  They carried on the daily radio broadcast ministry and correspondence (begun in 1965) with many stations in the Western U.S., and short-wave programs in many countries. Judith was active with Neil for 10 years in leadership of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches/Minister's International.  They continued in crusades in various cities in California, Washington, Oregon, and maintained a fully operational in-house printing plant.

After Neil's graduation to glory, Judith continued in ministry, pastoring the local congregation until the Fall of 2004, at which time the Lord opened doors to attend Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  In her second year at Rhema, Judith went on a missions trip to the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  While attending Rhema she continued the full-time radio and correspondence ministries, and supporting missions (especially Native American outreaches).  She graduated in 2006 in evangelism.

In the Fall of 2008, Rev. Judith Ann Glasse accepted a position to pastor at the Duck Valley Reservation (Shoshone/Paiute Nations), in Owyhee, Nevada. During that time Rev. Glasse also continued the daily radio broadcast and correspondence outreaches of Unveiled Christ Ministries.  At the end of October, 2010 she returned to her home in Tracy, CA.  In November she went to Israel for the first time with a tour group sponsored by Radio Station KFAX. In 2011 she returned to Duck Valley for three visits, including the June branding and the 100th Anniversary of the Owyhee Presbyterian Church and conducted home meetings in the local SF Bay Area.  In March of 2012 she traveled in team ministry with Jim and Debbie Erickson to the Hoopa Reservation in northwestern CA for the first time, and continues to maintain contact with the people and Churches of Duck Valley.



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