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Please pray for us to get our bills paid on time, with this virus situation. I am slow at work (I work on commission). Thank you, I appreciate it!

Please pray for my friends D and A for healing of cancer permanently, and a spine issue in the neck area. That surgery will not be necessary. thank you. This family has suffered greatly over a period of eight years. Then they had a small reprieve. But now the husband is battling cancer and the wife has a spinal injury in her neck. The surgery she faces is very difficult and involves wearing a brace for long periods of time that will keep her head high. Your prayers for her to be healed instead of facing this surgery are highly appreciated.

Pray PROTECTION for my daughter,Bri, from the schemes of Satan AND COVID-19. She works at the SJ airport. There have been 4 confirmed cases there. Pray for her protection from this and that SJ airport will have no more cases of the covid-19. Thank You !

Please pray for Lynn and Jack. Jack has been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus.

I've been looking for a home to rent since November and have found nothing within my income. I have until March 15th to find a place for me and my big dog. If I don't find something, I will have to scuttle my business, sell all my belongings and we will be homeless. Please pray that God can provide for his humble servant a place to live.

Please pray that God will move and allow me to receive another position in a different department. I am currently discouraged and surrounding by much temptation and sin. I am very unhappy and unfulfilled at this location. Prayers that God will lift this heaviness, discouragement and depression for me. Prayers that I will be a better mother. Prayers that God will place people around me to encourage me and not just take from me emotionally and mentally. Prayers for patience. Thank you.

I have been having Chronic on and off pain in right knee for a while. It gave out big-time on Feb 15th (Sat) and its been really sore since (Hate to go steroid injections route). Also Chronic lower back pain. MRI indicated there nothing medical science can do. I've been taking steroid injections to ease pain. Thanks

That my military vet son, Michael’s, court hearing tomorrow will be blessed with a good outcome for him, also, health wise and a safe place to live and work at some point, and, that he will be healed from PTSD—and addiction related to that, in order to live out his God purposed life to its fullest. Also that God would help him better trust and receive His love for him. Thank you, Lois


1. Health--presently recovering from the flu after being hospitalized 2. presently homeless and staying at a shelter with only a short time to spend there 3. limited finances and unable to support all the ministries I want.

Continue to pray for my daughter Channah she still says she is a boy but because she likes boys she considered herself herself a gay boy. She also deals with a lot of anger and depression. Thank you for your prayers.

I am struggling with depression, please pray for me.

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric’s salvation. Eric needs Jesus. Please pray God to open Eric’s eyes to see his needs for Jesus. Please pray God give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus, repent, and be saved!! You know how important salvation. Please pray for Eric’s salvation!

Please join me in prayer for my niece who lives in another state and is having emotional confrontations with her brother (my nephew) and her mother (my sister). My nephew is an addict and he and my sister join together to berate and belittle my niece. Please pray that she will come to know the Lord more closely in this time of anguish.

Please pray for me not to get picked for jury duty. I can't afford to be off work, I am struggling to get my bills paid now. Thank you, I appreciate it!

I love God with all of my heart and have been in ministry for about 20 years. Recently, I have had such tragedy happen in my life that I have no will to go on living. Please pray for me.



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