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God's Word for Men Today with John Belt

God's Word for Men Today is a ministry of John Belt, Pastor of New Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Oakley, CA. Pastor John's vision is to see men deepen their relationship with Christ and grow spiritually in their biblical role as men and leaders. The goal of this program is to encourage and empower.

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About John Belt

Reverend Dr. John Hope Belt was born on March 17, 1957, to James Edward and Eunice Frances Belt in San Francisco, California. He is the seventh of eight children. John’s mother prayed for several years for another boy child, and like Hannah, she promised the Lord that if He granted her petition, she would give the child back to Him at birth. God answered her prayer. During John’s formidable years, his pastor, the late Dr. C. J. Anderson of St. John Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, CA, shared with his parents some of the things God had ordained for his life.

Upon graduating from high school, John desired to attend East Texas State University and was accepted. However, his pastor insisted that John should attend the historic Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, one of the most renowned institutions for African-American ministers. It would be years later that John would learn that Pastor Anderson had already known of God’s calling for his life. John spent 2 years at Bishop College before returning home to California to help in the family business.

At the age of 21, John began working closely with and supporting Dr. Anderson, with no idea and no inclination to preach. In 1995, John’s father, Deacon James Belt, passed and left his youngest son, John, to carry on serving God’s people as his legacy. In 1997, John was ordained a deacon by Pastor Anderson.

In September 2000, the Lord called Pastor Anderson home, and John’s work as a deacon, and now trustee, took on a much more critical nature. It was during this time that John began teaching Sunday school and discovered one of his gifts from God—sharing the Word of God in the application.

In 2007, John entered the Bible Based Theological Seminary, where he excelled, earning valedictorian honors in each degree year and discovered his true passion, the Word of God. In all of this, like the women of the Bible, John’s mother said nothing, only mused over those things in her heart. In 2013, Deacon John Belt answered the Lord’s call to minister, and God moved him to the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Stockton, under the pastorate and tutelage of Seminary Chancellor Dr. Samuel Smith, Jr.  Four years later, the Lord would reveal to John His plans for the remainder of his life, propelling it in a new direction.

Convinced and certain of the Lord’s mandate, Reverend Dr. John Belt has now said “Yes” to the latest instruction from the Lord: to organize a local body of believers in the city of Oakley, CA. Responding to the New St. Paul and Pastor Belt’s need for a place to worship, New Beginnings Ministries has opened its doors to help our fledgling congregation hold Sunday morning worship services weekly.

Joined at the hip in this incredible walk of faith, is his wife of 20 years, Veronica, whose ministry vision is feeding the homeless, indigent, and disenfranchised.

Pastor Belt and New Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church are committed to seeking the lost, healing the broken, and leading all to Christ.


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