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Victorious Living with Pastor Lita Reeves

Pastor Lita navigates you through your storms/trials through the Word of God to Victorious Living!

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About Lita Reeves

Pastor Lita is a fierce believer of the Word of God. She has successfully navigated through MANY life changing and what could have been life altering storms, trials and really hard times by trusting and standing on The Word of God. A woman of faith, Pastor Lita wants to show you how God led her through these times to Victorious Living and she wants to help you through yours.

She is the Pastor of The City of the Lord Zion Brentwood Church. The Lord has opened up a window and a door and they will be moving to their new location in a few months. The City of the Lord Zion Brentwood is under the Zion Fellowship. Her Pastors are Diahann Daniels and Bishop Robert Daniels.

Being a teacher is one of her greatest gifts among many. Pastor Lita always puts in the time studying the Word in order to offer a thorough and thought provoking sermon or teaching which will help those who listen.

Pastor Lita is an author, entrepreneur and has her Masters Degree in Organizing, Planning, Development and Management. Her BA/BS degrees are in Business Administration and Management. She is a high achiever and also completed the Executive Leadership program at U C Davis.

For fun, Lita loves singing, reading romance novels and interior decorating. She is wife to Keith Sr, and mother to Faith, Keith II and Malachi and dog, Jake. She resides in San Ramon, California.


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