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6:00AM - 6:30AM

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
(800) 580-0863


If you’re a Christian, your future in heaven is assured. But remember, there are people all around you who don’t know Jesus and face a very different future. Dr. David Jeremiah sheds light on both heaven and hell as he continues his look at the two judgements over which Christ will preside. 
6:30AM - 7:00AM

FamilyLife Today® with Dave and Ann Wilson
(800) FL-TODAY


Is motherhood stripping you clean? On FamilyLife Today, Dave & Ann Wilson host author Liz Wann--who knows the pain of reaching limits. Here’s how being a mom both tears us down & rebuilds us like Jesus.
7:00AM - 8:00AM

New Life Live! with Steve Arterburn
(800) NEW-LIFE


Hosts: Zach Matchett, Dr. Sheri Keffer, Becky Brown Caller Questions: - I’m 63yo and lost my wife; I started dating a woman online, and she scammed me out of a lot of money. Will God ever trust me again? - My husband of 30yrs is physically and verbally abusive. After giving him an ultimatum to get . . .
8:00AM - 9:00AM

The Christian Outlook with Don Kroah

"The Christian Outlook" draws from the best of Salem's Christian radio hosts' material to bring you the issues of the day that you won't want to miss.
9:00AM - 9:30AM

Adventures in Odyssey with Focus on the Family

The mysterious Dr. Regis Blackgaard wants to open an “amusement house” for children. When it seems he won’t win the city council’s approval to build, he resorts to questionable methods.
9:30AM - 10:00AM

Faith in Home Buying with Tamika Ellsworth
(408) 561-7922

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All things Real Estate discussed through the lens of faith. Topics and testimonies that activate, educate, empower and equip people of faith for the Home-buying process. If you have faith in Him, you can have faith in the Home-buying process!


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