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Abounding Grace

Listeners will learn about the inerrant word of God, the triune nature of God, and practical teachings from the old and new testaments.

Allen Jackson Ministries

Pastor Allen Jackson delivers inspiring messages of faith and hope in an effort to help people lead better lives and get closer to Jesus Christ.

Building Your House

The Bible gets it right - ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.’ PSALM 127:1. With so much falling apart around us, Pastor Tim Brown of Calvary Chapel Fremont teaches you how the Lord would build your life on the foundation of God’s Word.

Contending For the Faith

Contending For the Faith is a live call-in program. We are an apologetic ministry that gives reasons and answers for the Christian faith based upon Peter 3:15, "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"

Destined for Victory

Destined for Victory is the broadcast ministry of Pastor Paul Sheppard. You’ll be informed and inspired by practical, down-to-earth teachings blended with humor. Sermons air each weekday and are available online through our podcast.

Faith in Home Buying

All things Real Estate discussed through the lens of faith. Topics and testimonies that activate, educate and empower listeners to start their home-ownership journey. If you have faith in Him you can have faith in the Home-buying process! Equipping people of faith for the Home-buying process.

God of All Comfort

The joint ministries of Hillview Bible Chapel of Cupertino and Grace Bible Chapel of San Jose have created a limited series of messages in response to the Coronavirus. This series is called: "God of All Comfort" - May it bring you great peace and hope in Jesus.

God's Word for Men Today with Dr. John Belt, Pastor

God's Word for Men Today is a ministry of John Belt, Pastor of New Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Oakley, CA. Pastor John's vision is to see men deepen their relationship with Christ and grow spiritually in their biblical role as men and leaders.

Grace To Live

The pulpit ministry of Hillside Church with teaching pastor Dr. Keith Crosby.

Grace to the Bay

Grace to the Bay is committed to glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ through verse-by-verse expository preaching to learn exactly what God has revealed in His Word.

Graceful Truth

It is our hope and prayer here at Grace Bible Church that the Graceful Truth radio ministry impacts our community with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ through the teaching of His Word.

I Speak Life

I Speak Life with your host Pastor Gary Mortara, Faith Fellowship Foursquare Church.

Life Matters with Brian Johnston

Life Matters is dedicated to the uniqueness of each and every life. This 'self-evident truth' has been the foundation of all our other freedoms. But it is also a truth that applies specifically to you!

Life!Line with Craig Roberts

Each day, Craig Roberts tackles issues that affect your life, your world, and your Christian Walk. Life!Line is Northern California's longest running and most widely listened to show of its kind. Join Craig on KFAX from 5-7 pm every weekday! 

Living By The Word

In today’s fast-paced society, many people are too busy to address the pressing need of their soul. What is the pressing need that so many people are running past? Well, the answer is, “A relationship with God.” So many people want quick solutions to their questions and problems whether or not the answer is correct. Life is complex and we were never meant to navigate this world without the Almighty Loving God. It is vitally important that we understand that we were called to Live by the Word of God if we expect to please and honor the Savior Jesus Christ.

Living on the Rock Radio

Living on the Rock Radio with Pastor Israel Labson. Here you will hear teaching that will challenge you to a deeper walk with Jesus. Whatever place you are in your understanding of God’s plan for your life, you will grow closer by listening. No shame, no guilt and no condemnation. But you will be challenged to a closer walk with God.

Love Never Fails Radio

Love Never Fails Radio with host Vanessa Russell, invites you to join in the fight for love. This program is focused on loving our neighbor as ourselves and giving ourselves up for them. Our neighbors are people loved by God who may have been impacted by human trafficking, homelessness, abuse, unemployment, mental illness, etc. During this program we will discuss practical ways we can come together to serve them.

Middays with Jordyn Michaels

Spend your mid-days enjoying the best Christian Teaching & Talk as longtime Bay Area resident Jordyn Michaels provides a Christian perspective to carry you through your busy day.

Retire Young Radio

The Retire Young Show hosted by Josh and Al pulls back the curtain on how the financial markets really work. Trading for income, or investing for your wealth are key topics. Learn the skills to trade with the big institutions during up and down markets.

Selwyn's Law

Selwyn’s Law is committed to helping clients solve financial issues and reclaim their economic life. By being a Bay Area expert in bankruptcy, estate and tax planning, foreclosure or debt management through debt restructuring.

The Real Estate Connection with Stephen Theard

The Real Estate Connection hosted by certified Probate and Real Estate Specialist Stephen Theard. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an existing owner looking to right size, refinance or become an investor, this program is for you.

Townhall Review

Commentary featuring; Hewitt, Bennett, Prager, Medved, Gallagher and MORE!

Transformative Truth  with Pastor James Westbrook

The proclamation of the Gospel is the transformative advancing message of God's Kingdom.  Join Transformative Truth as we seek to explore God's Word and how it reveals to us Jesus' plan for a transformed life, community, and world.

Truth For Today

Truth for Today is the audio outreach ministry of Valley Bible Church. Our opening phrase says it best: "Truth for Today--where the Word of God is applied at the speed of life." Our mission is to fill the air waves with His Truth, embracing our listeners with His grace. Tell your friends to tune in and hear the outreach of Valley Bible Church on-air featuring the teaching ministry of Dr. Phillip A. Howard!

Unveiled Christ Ministries

Unveiled Christ Ministries was founded in 1965 by Rev. Neil Glasse.  He traveled extensively as an evangelist, primarily in the western states and in 1970 came to Oakland to pastor a local congregation.  Since 1965, UCM has been on continuous daily radio, on many radio stations here in the U.S and in many nations of the world through international shortwave.  The Unveiled Christ to the World broadcast has touched the lives of multiplied thousands over the years.

Victorious Living

Pastor Lita navigates you through your storms/trials through the Word of God to Victorious Living!

Voice of Rescue

Each week on Voice of Rescue, Rev. John Anderson interviews individuals and families whose lives have been transformed by the power of the Gospel. Whether it’s the family suffering from homelessness due to the loss of employment, to the individual facing the challenges of substance abuse, the Bay Area Rescue Mission is changing lives for a brighter tomorrow.

Way of Grace

The pulpit ministry of Grace Bible Church with host Senior Pastor Jesse Gistand.


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